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Digital solutions tailored made to the needs of your business right from the start.
Businesses that want to increase their revenue.
For businesses that want to start marketing in digital.

Management Projects

Hands-on over the goals & budget, while maintaining the quality and professionalism of the project.
Managing and coordinating all phases of the project: UI/UX, design, development, quality control, content, promotion and launch.
Tracking schedules. Budget control. Handling problems and exceptions during the project. Delivery and launch of the project.
Working with teams both direct or matrix management.Management and coordination with sub-contractors.

Documentation & Audit

Use full transparency management and control tools with project and customer teams.

Planning Processes

Creating project goals based on business logic.
Processes analysis to achieve project`s goals.

End to End Managment

Full managment of the project from the inisiation to launch.


Managing Dev. teams

building work plans, tracking milestones and the progress of the project. Performing quality control over deliverables and managing brainstorming sessions.

Multidisciplinary team management

Schedules Tracking

Budget Control

Delivery & Maintenance

"A goal without a plan is just a wish"

Larry Elder~

Websites and digital presence

Customizing a digital solution for each business according to needs, occupation, business objectives and size.

I bring my knowledge and experience to each project in order to create a solution that will bring you closer to your goals.

Customization and Designing of Digital Strategy

Research & Goals Setting

Digital Strategy​


Design & Implement Website for your Business

Planning and Design the goals and objectives

Building templates for your new business site

Writing & editing & optimization of content

Plan & Build your Social Network presence

Business Social presence

Social marketing plan

Sponsored Content / Campaign Managment

Our Digital Plans


Full Digital Plan


Digital done Right


Digital Presence

Portfolio Digital

Digital Management

Customer Analysis

Research and analysis of consumer behavior. Characterizing the ideal avatar for your business

Data Analysis

Constant measurement and control of site performance according to business objectives. Providing periodic reports to the customer.

Project Managment

Management of the new or ongoing digital related projects.

Digital assets

Management of the existing assests such as websites, Landing pages, Digital courses ext.

Teams Management

Managing digital teams in an ongoing project or project.

Social Media

Management of of social media content & publication both organic & paid campaign

Extensive experience in managing complex projects in the field of information and digital systems, including the design, construction and assimilation of web-based information systems.

Have the knowledge and experience in managing clients and processes with leading companies and organizations in the economy.

In addition, the ability to manage teams, both matrational and direct, multi-functional concurrently, building schedules and budgets.

I believe that together we can help your business stand out above everyone else.

רינת איליאסקו

Rinat Iliescu

Your Digital Expert


In now days, the way to tell the world who you are is through your own website. If you run a business or your are working as a  freelance, or even hire employees, the website has become essential.

With countless social media profiles and other forms of digital channels, the question arises, "Do I ever need a website?"

The answer is yes !!.

A website gives you a channel that you control 100%.

Already have a website? Excellent!

If you already have a website, we will analyze the performance of the site, and tailor it to your needs. If the site meets all the criteria – great! We will only make design adjustments.

We will make adjustments to the graphical language of the digital tools and you will receive an orderly training to manage the Facebook page effectively.

You have to take a good look at those who are committed to digital results. In a field so dynamic and with so many variables you cannot commit to the result. I can, however, commit to a maximum commitment to your success and full transparency in the process.

We are neither an advertising company nor a promotion company. You will get full support and tools so that we can accurately get the results that suits you.

We are a boutique company, providing personalized service so the purpose of the call is to understand what your goals and needs are.
Moreover, the goal is to make sure that we have the tools to help you reach your goals.
after that we'll decide if we can work together or part as friends.

Digital has no one right answer, every product and target audience behaves a little differently. Therefore, the results and progress must be constantly examined and analyzed and the activity adjusted. If you understand that then the sky is the limit and there is no end to the possibilities.

Rinat Iliescu is a digital expert with about 15 years of experience in information systems, digital project management and web-based systems.

With vast experience in establishing, supporting, maintaining and upgrading dozens of digital projects with leading companies in Israel. As a new to digital growing business, you would want a top-notch professional so your business would stand out from the crowd.

Digital is easy!

All you need is the right expert by your side.

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